Dr. Quinones Moves to the Mayo Clinic

October 12, 2016

dr q

From Dr. Q's Office:

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure and honor to announce to you that I have been given a new and exciting opportunity to join Mayo Clinic’s Neuroscience and Neurologic Surgery Enterprise. Starting in September, I will be the “William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor” and Chair of Neurologic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in sunny Jacksonville, Florida!
Our Mission will be to further enhance the top-ranked Department of Neurologic Surgery to provide unparalleled clinical care, research, and education. Our Vision will be to help further develop the Department of Neurologic Surgery and the institution into a Destination Medical Center, focused on world-class patient care, research, and education. The Department of Neurologic Surgery will live up to the Mayo Brothers’ legacy in ensuring that the “needs of the patient come first”.   
Over the last decade we accomplished many things together, some of these milestones include:
1.     Patient Care
a.    First and foremost, I had the privilege of treating and taking care of patients with brain tumors. I have operated on over 2000 patients, including many from international and national destinations. My patients have always been and will always be my top priority!
2.     Research
a.    Our laboratory has obtained 3 NIH RO1 grants, submitted 12 patents, and started 3 companies this year alone.
b.    We have published over 285 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 10 cover articles, 6 books, and over 100 book chapters.
3.     Education
a.    Our laboratory has graduated 3 Ph.D. students, 9 Masters degree students, and over 50 International Fellows who are leading neuroscience and neurosurgery in the world today.
b.    Our Fellows have gone on to be faculty at Johns Hopkins, University of Florida, Albert Einstein, MD Anderson and others.

4.     Philanthropy
a.    Together, we have raised funding for research and clinical projects. Most importantly, we have given patients and families hope.
5.     International Acclaim
a.    Thanks to the great work that we have done together; I have been honored to receive 7 honorary degrees, 5 in the United States and 2 abroad.
b.    I have given commencement speeches at major universities, including Yale University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University.
The Mayo Clinic is an outstanding institution that is now opening its doors for our family to come and be part of a dream to make this world a better place. The Department of Neurologic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Florida is an outstanding and integral part of Mayo's Department of Neurology and the Mayo Cancer Center.  It is also a natural hub for patients from all over the US, Latin America, and the world.  I see opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.  Most importantly, I see it as an opportunity to continue my dream of giving patients and family members hope.
As the new Chair of the Department of Neurologic Surgery and the “William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor”, I will continue to be equally or more active as a physician and surgeon and as a teacher and student.  I will now have the opportunity to learn from a new group of colleagues.  I am excited and thrilled to be given this opportunity and look forward to helping many more patients and families.
With much gratitude,
Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, MD, FAANS, FACS​